Weekly News 6th October 2013/ A Match Made in Heaven?



As you tucked into your bowl of cornflakes this morning, it is unlikely that you thought too much about the connection between what you were eating and the land it came from.

Most of us live quite removed from the production of our food. Our ancestors celebrated Harvest after all the crops had been gathered in, as a way of showing their appreciation for God’s goodness towards them. We may not have that affinity of old with the food growing process, but Harvest remains a powerful reminder to us of the claim made in one of the psalms, ‘The Earth is the Lord’s and everything in it!’

All our food is gifted to us, no matter the complexity of our current production processes. To pause, reflect and allow that truth to inspire deep gratitude in us is good. A grateful spirit is infectious and naturally leads to generosity. As we give thanks today for all we have, we in turn look to be generous in the way we give to others in this world that God has made (see inside for details of our collections).

Gratitude and Generosity – you decide what sort of match.

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