Weekly News 11th August 2013





Did you know that there is an Alpha course running virtually all day every day, somewhere around the globe? All around the world, in homes and halls, in prisons and on patios, people are exploring the big issues; asking those questions about life, spirituality and faith they may have wondered about, but never had the time to explore. And now it’s our time again.


Alpha will start at St. John’s on 30th September so now is the time to be thinking about who you can invite. Several people are already waiting to get started and the more the better. In a relaxed, unpressured setting (probably in someone’s home) there will be a meal and a talk and discussion in groups. At Alpha friendships are made and confidence is gained to ask those challenging questions. No subject is off limits.


If you have non Christian friends, neighbours or family who have asked questions, expressed scepticism or even a casual interest in faith and spirituality, then why not invite them to come to Alpha? And, please start to pray now that people will hear about it, will want to come, and will be blessed by it.


Details from Jon, Nick and the Parish office. Also see www.stjohnsww.com

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