Remembering to Receive

For all the virtues of marking the season of Lent, there is a risk that all our efforts of self-denial deplete us, rather than animate us with the life of God.

 This might be true of life generally, and can be compounded by the service we give to the church. We become martyrs to how well we can bear the burden of an overworked existence. But the fast we choose is not intended to be a self-destructive sacrifice. It might just be that some of us need to recall what it means to be a Receiver. It’s possible to become so used to being the Giver, we forget to put our hands out for ourselves.

 God will often bless us through His people, if we but allow it. To put it another way, ‘being loved well reorients us’. There is an opportunity this evening to be a Receiver – we have Ruth Fazal ministering to us, and she would love nothing more than for us to receive God’s Blessing through her.

 I hope you’ll receive the chance with joy.    

Looking To Lent

Lent is fast approaching and there are several different ways we are suggesting people might engage in this season of preparation for Easter. These include:

  •  Foodbank ‘40 for 40’ Challenge - The challenge is to give up 40 pence a day for the 40 days of Lent, which along with Gift Aid, comes to £20 to support people in crisis. For some of us 40 pence a day isn’t much to forego but this small act of kindness can transform lives. Taking part is easy, simply find an old jam jar or similar container and start collecting! At the end of Lent you can pay by cheque to Bromley Borough Foodbank or online via our website (www.bromleyborough.foodbank.org.uk) For more information speak to Jackie Barter.
  • Open Doors’ ‘Fast Food’ Resource – An opportunity for Home Groups to do something a little different and show some solidarity with the persecuted church. It involves sharing a meal, hearing some stories about the persecuted church and taking on a ‘fasting’ challenge. More information will go to Homegroups shortly.

  • Bishop’s Lent Appeal – The theme is ‘I was hungry…I was thirsty’. A selection of projects in Zimbabwe which concentrate on food security will be the focus for support this year.