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May I Never Become 'Too Busy' To Pray

This was the headline from a letter recently written by the Chief Executive of CMS – a sentiment which I suspect few of us would contest.

 I wonder though if you have had the privilege of a break over the Summer, you were struck by the contrast of the pace of life ‘on holiday’ and the speed of your ‘normal’ existence. There is something about that which is right and natural, but as you resume your usual activities (and even if that is a few weeks off yet), I hope that it’s not your prayer life that gets the squeeze.

 It is a singular blessing of being part of God’s family that we get to pray for one another. As I write this, I can think of many members of St John’s who are facing tough times, and I know how much they value being held up in prayer. Let’s continue to uplift each other in this way, and never find ourselves with so much on that we haven’t got time to pray. God Bless.