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Waiting for God

The word ‘Advent’ only really enters the public conscience at one point these days – Advent Calendars.

And my, it’s a booming industry.

Long gone are the days when a chocolate advent calendar was the height of decadence. Nowadays, you can now get cheese advent calendars, beauty product versions, and the ‘Ginvent’ calendar competes with its Malt Whisky rival. Retailers, it would seem, have left no calendar door unopened to flog their wares. Advent Calendars originated in Germany in the mid-nineteenth century. The basic idea was to build a sense of anticipation. Opening a door each day to count down the numbers to Christmas is a small way to build suspense and increase expectation for the approaching celebration. The latest offerings rather miss that point, extending instant gratification, rather than the delayed sort that can make the final festivities all the sweeter.

Will we forego anything this advent to draw deeper into the waiting that comes with following Christ?

Meeting at the Assembly Rooms

On 18 June, our 10am service will be at the Assembly Rooms, rather than in the church building, with a picnic afterwards. The plan for the morning is to look in more detail at our vision as a church, and particularly, the three priority areas for the coming season. If you missed the APCM and haven’t caught the notes, the priorities are as follows:  

  • Equipping People to Engage Where They Are;
  • Developing a Culture of Hospitality;
  • Serving the ‘18-35’ Age Group More Effectively.

 We’ll flesh out in more detail what we mean by each of these, but the hope is that we will come up with specific goals we will pursue to develop these areas of focus.

 If you get the chance to think and pray about it in advance, all the better.