Fruits of the Spirit - Peace & Patience

This week we continue to explore the fruits of the Spirit.

Galatians 5 v22 says (amongst other things) that “the fruit of the Spirit is...peace and patience....”  What does this mean?

Dictionaries give various meanings for the words

peace: no dissension

peace: a time when there is no war

peace: freedom from disturbance; tranquillity; inner calm

“Peace”: a greeting on meeting or parting!

patience: quality of calm endurance of misfortune, suffering or discomfort.

patient: one who ill.

Patience: feminine name created by Puritans in 1600s derived from the virtue “patience”.

being patient: putting up with provocation, irritation or annoyance etc, without complaint.


How close do these definitions take us to a Christian understanding? Charlotte will be speaking to us about these “fruits”. If you miss her talk catch up with it on our web site.