There is a study that looks at whether poverty can be eased by giving money. It looked at claims that giving money is a waste as the poor would only squander it. Better, they say, to spend it on their behalf. However, the study had a different outcome. It suggested that if you give poor people money, it allows them time to think about things other than what seems most urgent. It is then that people get an education, a good job, and get themselves and their families out of poverty.

 I think this parallels with faith too. People are often so busy trying to sort out what they feel is most urgent: food, rent, the next gizmo, that they don’t stop to think about if there is more to life than this. They are trapped in a cycle of spiritual poverty.

 Inquisitive? is a chance for your non-christian friends and colleagues to take time out, to think, and to express their opinions. Together we pray that we can think together, and use it as a step in the way out of spiritual poverty.

 Over the summer, have a think who you might like to invite. Who do you know that needs some time to stop and think about what really matters? See the flier, or talk to Peter, Jon, or Nick for more information.