It's OK To Not Be OK



Churches are sometimes very adept at bandying around the idea of ‘authenticity’, but aren’t always so great at creating an environment in which those who are finding life tough can feel safe enough not to ‘have it all together’.

 The above is the title of the teaching series that begins this Sunday. A sermon series will only take us so far. However, it’s intended to be one element to help us consider what it means to be faithful Jesus followers, but followers who are honest that faith doesn’t sweep away the impact of the struggles that life throws up. 

 Over the coming weeks, we’ll look at things such as doubt, anxiety, fear, busyness and loneliness, trying to avoid superficial sticking plasters, but inviting God’s Spirit to be at work in the places which ail us.

 Everyone’s welcome – unless of course, you’ve got it all sorted.