New Website

It doesn’t seem so long ago that we updated our website, but such is the pace of change in the digital world that we’ve gone live with a refreshing of our online ‘Welcome Mat’.  

 We hope you’ll like the feel of the new site. You will notice that we’ve moved to a more pared back, uncluttered look. This means that certain information has been removed, and we’ll be using other, more efficient tools for things like calendars and rotas (more of which to follow in due course).

 Please note, it’s not the finished article. It is an evolving project and there are still a few gaps to fill and developments to come, but it’s at a point which we feel represents a real improvement over the previous incarnation.

 We’ve also set up a St John’s Facebook page which can be found at We’ll be using this to share a variety of news, encouragements, links and reminders about things going on.

 Give it a visit and ‘like’ us.