Weekly News 27th November 2016/ Advent Enquiries


ADVENT ENQUIRIES In the New Year, we are hoping to use SJ’s to host a series of ‘hot topic’ evenings for people outside the church. With drinks and a bite to eat, the idea is to give people a relaxed space to knock around aspects of faith and life without having to sign up to the commitment of an 8 week course, such as Alpha demands.

Rather than making assumptions about the subjects which might be of interest to our community, we are going to ask. In the run up to Christmas, we are encouraging you as part of your normal interaction with friends and family to ask them what questions, topics, challenges would they be interested to explore, given the chance.

We’ll draw together the responses and tailor a run of monthly evenings around the most sought after areas of interest. We’ve included an insert in the News Sheet as a gentle reminder and a means to provide feedback, but you can simply email Jon with people’s answers.

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