Weekly News 23rd October 2016/ All Saints Update


ALL SAINTS UPDATE Discussions have been on-going with the Architect who has been involved in the sale of the All Saints Land. He has kindly agreed to draw up for free a footprint plan of a basic, multipurpose hall for St John’s.

This is simply to give us a reference point, not least of all in relation to the cost of such a proposal. We will also be able to explore how the cost would vary, depending on the specification sought, as well as discuss with the Developers the range of options on which such premises might be made available.

All these explorations are on a no-commitment basis. At this point, we are seeking to elicit as much information as possible, so that our discussions will be informed when it comes to weighing whether this is a real possibility for us as a community.

In the meantime, we would value your ongoing prayers into this matter. Thank you.

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