Weekly News 9th October 2016/ Home Groups


HOME GROUPS At St John’s, we intermittently stress the importance of Home Groups. They are an important part of our church family life together, providing a great opportunity to meet and relax with Christian friends, learn together, pray, deepen our faith and support one another.

Whether you feel ‘elderly’ or not so old; whether you are a life-long Christian or new to faith; there is a suitable place for you. Each group has its own ‘style’ and they meet in different homes at different times during the week.

Want to give it a try? Maybe just for a trial? Speak to Jon or Nick.

And also…there is a real need in one particular group.

The group led by Barry Clements (Thursday evening) could do with 2 or 3 new members. Best described as a group for mature Christians, it digs deep into the Bible as well as spends a fair part of the evening praying for each other, and the needs of the church and community. But its style is relaxed.

Been thinking of changing? Or maybe been praying about how the Lord may use you somehow? Might you be being called to this group? Talk to Jon or Nick.

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