Weekly News 18th September 2016/ All Saints Update


ALL SAINTS UPDATE We have received confirmation this week that completion of the sale of the All Saints site is scheduled for 8 October. From that date Regalpoint Homes (WW) Limited will assume ownership of the land from the Catholic Diocese.

They anticipate that works on the site are likely to commence in early 2017, but at this point, no timeframe for completion of the project. The appeals procedure has provided Regalpoint with an insight into how the local Planning Department are viewing matters. As such, they now think it might well be possible to secure planning permission for the development of a church building, located in a number of possible positions close to St John’s, if we were interested!?

You will appreciate that there are a whole host of questions attached to such a proposal. At this early stage, we are asking you to keep praying about something that has shifted from the highly speculative into real discussions. We will keep you posted.

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