Weekly News 3rd July 2016/ Opportunity for Baptism


OPPORTUNITY FOR BAPTISM In the Autumn, we will be hiring a baptism pool and celebrating the wonderful spectacle and event that is full-immersion baptism.

At least three of our young people have already indicated that they wish to declare their commitment to Christ in this way. The offer is open to anyone of any age. If you have been exploring Christianity in the recent past and feel ready to put down this marker of faith, or for whatever reason it’s a step you have always postponed, then come and have a chat about the possibility.

Jesus commissioned his followers to ‘make disciples, baptizing them…’ (Matthew 28:19) and the early church embraced that practice. From those early days, baptism has been a normative part of becoming a Christian and it’s why we like to give people the opportunity. It’s a special moment for those being baptized and a special moment for those witnessing.

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