Weekly News 5th June 2016 - Praying in the Bible


PRAYING IN THE BIBLE In our 10 am service today there will be reference to several passages of scripture. They all relate to prayer.

Here they are, so that we may refer to them ourselves during the week, think about them quietly or even discuss them at Home Groups. The point is that throughout the Bible, and especially for us in the early church, there is constant evidence of people praying when they wanted things changed.

Acts 1: 12-14...when the disciples had been left alone after the ascension.

Acts 1: 23-24...when they were choosing a successor for Judas

Acts 4:29-31...when Peter and John had been told to stop preaching

Acts 6:6           ...when they appointed seven deacons

Acts 16: 25-26...when Paul and Silas were in prison

Acts 13: 2-3...before they commissioned Saul (Paul) and Barnabas for mission

And finally, compare Psalm 22:2 with Psalm 98:1

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