Weekly News 31st January 2016/ 'Letting Go' for Lent


‘LETTING GO’ FOR LENT It doesn’t seem so long ago that we were taking down the Christmas decorations, but the season of Lent is fast approaching, with Easter in its sights.

Lent is used by people around the world to prepare themselves for the marking of the events which are central to the Christian faith. It’s a good time to clear out some clutter – let go some of the things that might hamper our walk with Christ. That’s usually stuff that runs a little deeper than the amount of Cadburys we munch in a week. So this Lent, as a church we’re going to be looking at some ‘beneath the surface’ things that with Christ’s help we can surrender. Our ‘Letting Go’ series will consider the themes of ‘Hurry, Complaining, Comparison, Fear, and Hiding’.

We’ll also be running a retreat-style morning and a prayer day during lent, so there will be plenty of opportunity for us to draw closer to our Saviour.

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