Weekly News 5th July 2015/ Spree Weekend


SPREE WEEKEND Next weekend, we are taking a number of 8-15 year olds off to the South of England Showground in Ardingly for ‘Spree’.

If you’ve only ever really heard the word ‘Spree’ used with the word ‘spending’ before, then here are a few more details. It’s an action-packed, camping weekend, with a ‘fast and furious’ programme of activities, alongside creative opportunities to explore the Christian faith. We increasingly have a number of young people from beyond church going along, invited by friends; some of whom are part of our midweek youth groups. As is the nature of these things, it is guaranteed to leave young people and adults exhausted – but in a really good way.

If you are free on either the Friday or Sunday to help set up / take down the camp that would be really appreciated (please speak to Jon).  Otherwise, we’d love it if you prayed for the whole event – that the young people would have fun, are kept safe and they would discover more about the God who delights in them.

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