Weekly News 21st June 2015/ How Are We Doing?


HOW ARE WE DOING? Is not a bad question to ask at intervals, in all sorts of different areas – family life, work, down-time, friendships, marriage…our walk with God.

This coming Saturday, our PCC will be getting away together to pray, step back and ask this question of the life of St John’s. We’ll revisit our vision, look at the priorities developed in our Looking Up, Out and In categories, and consider how these might need refining for the coming season.

We’ll have in mind the well-worn adage, ‘Don’t value what you measure, measure what you value’ – deliberately focusing our reflection on the quality of our relationships with God, each other and the local community. Or if you prefer to seize the language of the apostle Paul, we’ll continue to chew on what it means to ‘live a life worthy of our calling’, becoming ‘mature and attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ.’

Please pray for our leadership, as they contemplate these things under God.

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