Weekly News 10th May 2015/ Beacon Centre Update


BEACON CENTRE UPDATE Last week the PCC approved in principle the proposal to refurbish the Beacon Centre at a level that is more extensive than simply a lick of paint and a bit of a facelift. The plan includes gutting the place, re-wiring, re-plumbing and a re-fit, in line with the intended multi-use brief.

Full details will follow in due course, but we are at the stage of obtaining comparative quotes for the works, as well as ironing out an interior design, which will help people to get hold of what we are trying to achieve.

You may have noticed the ‘in principle’ in the first line. As a leadership, we were clear that there is much envisioning to be done and gathering of people to drive the vision, without which it’s simply a building project – which we are not so interested in financing. The refurbishment is intended to be the start of a means by which we develop our work as God’s people in the local community.

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