Weekly News 19th April 2015/ Christian Aid Week 10th to 16th May 2015


CHRISTIAN AID WEEK 10th -16th May 2015

The following message comes from Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury:

“Jesus calls us to love our neighbour and challenges any limit we put on who that neighbour might be. As Christians, we believe that he means our global neighbour, not just those close at hand. Across the world there are around a billion people in extreme poverty – trying to exist on less than $1.25 a day. God’s faithfulness gives us hope that extreme poverty can be ended, that loving our neighbour is a sign of God’s kingdom. This year Christian Aid confronts one of the greatest injustices of all times: discrimination against women. Please join us to pray, act and give for our global neighbour this Christian Aid Week.”

Couldn’t fit better with our ‘Live to Give’ theme of the past 2 weeks, eh! If anyone can help in the house-to-house collection, please contact Anne Ford (020 8289 2432) or Jeff Seabrook (020 8777 0014).

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