Weekly News 26th October 2014/ Light the Night


'LIGHT THE NIGHT’ Our Light the Night celebration continues to draw a large following and is a great opportunity to rub shoulders (literally, given how packed it usually is!) with people in our community.

Not sure what it is?

Light the Night is our alternative to Halloween. Instead of basking in the typically ghoulish antics that come with 31 October, we encourage people to have fun in a different way. The evening is jammed with games, crafts, challenges, food and sometimes, the night rounds off with fireworks.

Someone once said, ‘I’d rather light a candle than criticize the darkness’. We’re not ramming our views about Halloween down people’s throats, but offering a positive substitute.

It all requires some organizing. If you have capacity to help out – either in getting Wickham Court School / the Church ready, or during the celebration itself – then please sign up on the noticeboard, or let Julie Lancaster know. Thanks for your help.

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