Weekly News 12th October 2014/ Eternity...Farewell to John Munns


ETERNITY...FAREWELL TO JOHN MUNNS. Today we’re thinking about eternity. It’s the last of our sermon series, started weeks ago, about applying the gospel in our lives as Christians; at home, at work and in our community, in the world at large and among our neighbours. It must surely be a God-instance that this final topic comes just days after our farewell in church to John Munns.

At his service on Thursday we heard a bit about his wonderful final few hours with Sally, Andrew and Rachel. Jon Ward explained how, when John was asked what he felt about dying, in typical understatement he said that he was not really very keen on the idea but knew that he would soon be in a better place.

Later on he was asked what he would like to say to the church if he had one final opportunity to preach. After some thought, the sense of his reply was that he’d say that he knew that where he was going would be wonderful, and he wanted everyone to know that and to be sure to join him there!

So it can’t simply be a coincidence that on the day when we are thinking about eternity and heaven we have this vibrant example before us, of John’s faith and clear expectation of an amazing new life with God, forever. John understood eternity.

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