Weekly News 28th September 2014/ Team Leaders


TEAM LEADERS We’ll be thinking a lot about mission beyond our parish this weekend, but I also want to draw your attention to the people who’ve been chosen to lead the teams we are developing to enhance our local mission.

You will recall that the PCC got together a couple of weekends ago to pray and vote from a list of people, nominated by the whole church. The following pairs of leaders emerged:

Faith Sharing                                                     Mission Outside the Parish

Charlotte Faint & Mike Slatter                    Milly Johnson & Elzbieta Cienciala

Worship                                                              Children & Youth

Jonny Faint & Barbara Bassot                      Anna Seabrook & Julie Lancaster

Care & Befriending                                         Social Action

Sue Watson & Maureen Lang                     Aston Stockdale & Jackie Barter


Richard Greenhalgh & Barry Clements


We will commission these people in due course, and I will outline the next stage for the teams, but in the meantime please pray for them.

Thank you.


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