Weekly News 14th September 2014/ Pastoral Care Course


PASTORAL CARE COURSE Here is an exciting opportunity to explore and learn more about Christian pastoral care.

It’s a 10-session course, certificated by Pastoral Care UK and the Association of Christian Counsellors, which will be run at St John’s in late Autumn and early New Year. It is not so much an academic, as experiential course, whereby people will be encouraged to engage with God as they look to develop their pastoral care.

Whilst the course has a flavour of pastoral care for marriages, plenty of the core material is relevant for general pastoral care training. To that end, the course suits anyone wishing to learn more about pastoral care, those in need of a refresher, or simply people who want to be better equipped to attend to the needs in the community/workplace.

If you want to know more, please speak to Barry and Chrissy Turner (0208 462 6925 or 07513 586 873) or pick up a flyer in church or the Beacon Centre.

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