Weekly News 29th June 2014/ BBQ Next Weekend



If you haven’t yet clocked the invitation, here it is one last time: Everyone is warmly invited to 30 Coney Hill Road next Sunday, from 1:00pm onwards, to join us for a Bring & Share BBQ.  There will be plenty of people coming from outside of church, so it’s a great opportunity to meet some new faces, as well as catch up with the church family.

As in previous years, there will be drinks provided, but feel free to bring a bottle and garden chair, something to throw on the BBQ, as well as some extras along the following lines, based on your surname:

A-O        Something to accompany the BBQ: salad, potato, bread, couscous, nibbles, etc

P-Z         A pudding.

We are aware of a certain tennis match scheduled for that day, so we’re looking to see if we can throw in a ‘Wimbledon Corner’ to view the action.

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