Weekly News 22nd June 2014/ Nomination Day


NOMINATION DAY  I hope that you have had a chance to think, talk and pray about this over the last few weeks, as today the whole church is invited to nominate their choice of two leaders for each of the following seven teams:

Prayer, Worship, Children & Youth, Caring & Befriending (Pastoral Care), Faith Sharing, Mission Outside the Parish, and Social Action.

As you choose the leaders, bear in mind the following:

  • We’re only asking you to put forward names that represent a meaningful response to you. You may not be able to list 14 people – that’s okay;
  • Try as far as you are able to allocate people to a particular team, even if you’re not completely sure where their passion/gifting lies. There will be discussions with nominees as to whether they are prepared to act as leaders, and the area for which they perceive themselves to be suited.

If you’re not here on Sunday, forms are available on the website, or from the parish office in the Beacon Centre. Please return them as soon as possible to the box in church, or to Margaret at the office. Any questions, ask Jon.

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