Weekly News 3rd November 2013/ Shirley Raymond's Blessing to St John's




            Many of you will know of Shirley Raymond, who died last year, and who went to be with her Lord in glory. Shirley lived in Coney Hall and worshipped at St John’s all her life; her father, George, was a Curate here over 20 years ago.

Shirley quietly dedicated her life as a physiotherapist to those with disabilities, working for many years at Nash College and latterly taking wheelchairs and the Gospel abroad to Africa with a charity ‘Through the Roof’. Shirley also served her community devotedly dedicating many years to the Guiding Movement. She served God faithfully; loving the Lord Jesus, St John’s and the community.

Shirley has continued to bless St John’s by leaving a combined legacy of £32,500.

The PCC has set this sum aside in a designated fund in Shirley’s name for two reasons; firstly, so that it doesn’t get spent on ‘run of the mill’ things, secondly so the PCC can take time to consider using the money wisely, as gifts like this don’t come along very often.

We give thanks and glory to God for Shirley’s life; her commitment to the Gospel, her foresight in financial planning and her generosity to St John’s.

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