Weekly News 22nd September 2013//Harvest Celebration



In a couple of weeks’ time, we will give thanks for all that we receive from God in a celebration service with our uniformed groups. As part of our response to God for all that he provides, we take a food and money collection to give away. This year our gifts will be distributed as follows:


  • We will give our food donations to the Salvation Army. It would be helpful to them if we could provide tins of pies, meat and fish, rather than beans, spaghetti and soup. They receive a lot of the latter, and it can then be hard to make up full meals;


  • We will take a collection for the work of Tear Fund in Syria. While the international community continues to debate the best course of action, thousands of people are being forced to flee their homes every day. The civil war has squeezed 2 million Syrians from their country, and in most cases they leave with very little and an uncertain future.


Let’s give generously to these two worthy causes.


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