New website // News Sheet - 21st July



As of today, our new website goes live.

See what you think about the new look and content. It is a fully working site, but it is not the finished article. One of the great advantages of this new platform is the ease with which it can be modified. This is our starting point, but we intend to continue tinkering with the feel of it and so welcome any feedback from you.

In reality, the idea is that the website will rarely be static, but changing regularly to communicate all sorts of information. The hope is that you visit it regularly to see what’s going on in the life of the church and find out about forthcoming events  – you could even set it as your homepage.

You’ll have also noticed a change to our weekly news sheet. This reflects the style of the website and we will roll out this appearance across other areas of our publicity, such as noticeboards, welcome cards, etc.

You can also download this weeks news sheet below.

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Download News Sheet - 21st July