Liberated living… // News Sheet - 14 July


We will soon be into the full swing of Summer when people head off on hols and some of our usual Sunday patterns shift a little. This weekend is our last Sunday Club until the Autumn. From next week, we will take a break from our journey through 1 Corinthians and run a series looking at some of the heroes and heroines of the Old Testament. This week we will be focusing on the topic of giving and exploring what it means to be generous people. We delve specifically into this subject once a year, recognizing that Jesus had a lot to say about the use of money and what it says about our spiritual state.

We haven’t tied this to any specific request for money. We simply encourage you to review how much you give away and prayerfully consider whether it is appropriate for you to increase or reduce your current level of giving.

Money is often a sensitive area, but I hope we can discover together some of the correspondence Jesus makes between generosity and a worry-free life.  At its best, the call to have a light hold on our income is an invitation to trust and find freedom.

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