No doubt word has got around, but in case you’ve been away, SJ’s won the vote as the new name to replace the Beacon Centre. It’s going to take a while before ‘The Beacon Centre’ doesn’t slip out your mouth, but we’re encouraging you to try and use SJ’s from now, so the adjustment begins early.

If you didn’t get a chance to see the plans, these will be put up in church for all to look at in their own time. Planning Permission for the front of SJ’s went in this week and we are knocking around designs for the signage.

As was mentioned last Sunday, we’ll shortly be producing a list of ‘fittings and furnishing’ to which people can contribute. It’s a part of helping pull us all into ‘ownership’ of the place. Beyond that we would value your prayers for: i) the on-going planning for the management of the place; but ii) most importantly that what is essentially just a building, would be used well by us to fulfill the vision of ‘serving the local community better and connecting people with Jesus’.

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