Young People & Families Worker leaflet

Church Weekend Away

Following the details we provided at the APCM about the above, we can confirm that we are fixing the date for 17-19 May 2019 (Friday evening to Sunday afternoon). The venue will the be the De Vere Horsley Estate Hotel, which you can find at

Our hope is to get as much as the church family there as possible. We do not want cost to be the limiting factor, so we are inviting you to indicate whether you would like to go, irrespective of whether you think you can afford it or not.

There will be a sign up sheet in church, or you can contact Margaret at the Parish Office. Please state the names of everyone in your group and the ages of any children, what type of room you would prefer (Family, Twin, or Double), and if you would be prepared to share with someone.

Further details of the theme and speaker(s) will follow.

For Everything There is a Season

This week we’ve been catapulted into tropical weather. With snow on the ground only a few weeks ago, you could be forgiven for thinking that Spring was overlooked and we moved from Winter to Summer in a single bound. The more typical transition through the seasons gives us space and time to adjust.

An abrupt change can be disorientating.

This is equally true for the changing seasons of life. Most of us understand that with the long view, different periods of life have their own distinctive hue. But when we are jolted into change unexpectedly, it can feel like we lose our bearings. If you’re weren’t ready for the season you find yourself in, or you’re simply not sure what season you’re in, I hope you can draw on the truth the author of Ecclesiastes arrives at after talking about a ‘season for everything’ – ‘everything God does will endure forever, nothing can be added to it and nothing taken from it.’ (Ecclesiastes 3: 14)

Let's Talk About Sex...(maybe)

We recognise that engaging with our children and young people on this subject is not always easy. But without being too alarmist, if you’re not doing it, you can guarantee that someone, or something else, will be.

As they did last year, Amber Crisis Pregnancy Care are hosting an evening for parents, carers, teachers and youth workers at SJ’s.

The aim is to provide an insight into what it is like growing up today in our digital-laden world and to encourage and support adults in talking with their children and young people about some of the issues attached to that. We can’t recommend this evening highly enough, so grab your tickets, and invite your friends along as well.

When:                  March 13th, 7.30pm at SJ's

How:                     Free tickets available at

'Gospel Glasses'

I’m reliably informed that a leader should keep repeating an organisation’s vision ‘ad nauseum’ for it to stick. So, here’s a reminder of our church vision:

‘We aim to help anyone and everyone ‘do life’ with Jesus so that individuals, our local community and beyond can flourish.’

 Hopefully, that doesn’t induce feelings of nausea, but has an appeal all by itself. However, it sometimes helps when it’s made a little more specific. Last Sunday, we talked about how we are going to run after this vision in 2018 by referring to ‘Gospel Glasses’ – seeing people and situations with ‘Jesus eyes’.

So, this week, I want you to pray for God to lead you to someone who on the surface may look a long way from Him. Ask God to reveal the masterpiece in them that lies beneath the surface and engage them in conversation. Your only goal is to ask questions, listen and learn about them as people. Just one person you don’t know well, or at all.

See what God starts.

Young People and Families Enabler



This week we completed the Job Description and Application Form for the post for which we are looking to recruit.

From the beginning of February, the Job Advert will be going on-line with New Wine and Church Drum, and into the newspapers of Southwark, Rochester and London Dioceses. Obviously, we’ll also place it up on our own Website and Facebook page. When that happens, we’ll ask as many of you as possible to share it through your contacts, so that it is circulated as widely as possible.

Far more importantly, please can you all commit to praying in earnest about this position – individually, and in the church groups to which you belong.

This is a significant step for us as a church, and we want to continue to underpin this whole venture with prayer. Thank you.

Summer Spruce Up

The long Summer holiday can be a good opportunity to have a bit of stock take and consider any adjustments you might want to make to your house, work, life…

 As you walk into church next week, we hope that you’ll notice a few changes. Over the Summer we’ve been putting together various materials, largely aimed at providing newcomers with a better sense of what’s goes within our church family. Without giving too much away, there will be different ‘packs’ on display, ‘Connect’ cards, and the area around the font will become an ‘information point’ for our Vision, Home Groups, and Teams.

 Of course, all that is simply window-dressing if it is not matched by a ‘de-cluttered’ people (John 15:2), who take time to assess how they are walking with their Maker. If you haven’t yet done so, there are still a few weeks of Summer left.

Young People & Families' Enabler

I hope that over the Summer you’ve had an opportunity to mull over and pray about the possibility of employing someone to the above post. Don’t forget that if you have any observations or questions about it, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.

 From 10 September, I will be asking you to indicate whether you support the proposal by completing the tear-off part of the flier that we distributed before the Summer break. In the meantime, please continue to commit this to prayer. Raising the necessary funds is a necessary aspect of the process, but the more exciting prospect is God unearthing for us a person of calibre with the right character and gifting to help us as we engage with this element of our mission. 

 Thank you, Jon.

Welcome to Jackson's Fan Club

It is almost 3 years to the day that Sophia was taking the plunge here at St John’s, and it’s our pleasure to rally behind her younger brother as he follows in her footsteps to be baptised. We extend a particular welcome to all of you who have made a special trip to be here and lend your support. Baptism is intended to be a ‘family occasion’ in the widest sense of the meaning and it’s a perfect opportunity to come together and celebrate.

 As it says in the introduction to the ceremony:

 ‘Baptism marks the beginning of a journey with God which continues for the rest of our lives, the first step in response to God’s love. For all involved…it is a joyful moment when we rejoice in what God has done for us in Christ, making serious promises and declaring the faith.’

 We hope you experience and bask in that joy today.