Weekly News 3rd July 2016/ Opportunity for Baptism


OPPORTUNITY FOR BAPTISM In the Autumn, we will be hiring a baptism pool and celebrating the wonderful spectacle and event that is full-immersion baptism.

At least three of our young people have already indicated that they wish to declare their commitment to Christ in this way. The offer is open to anyone of any age. If you have been exploring Christianity in the recent past and feel ready to put down this marker of faith, or for whatever reason it’s a step you have always postponed, then come and have a chat about the possibility.

Jesus commissioned his followers to ‘make disciples, baptizing them…’ (Matthew 28:19) and the early church embraced that practice. From those early days, baptism has been a normative part of becoming a Christian and it’s why we like to give people the opportunity. It’s a special moment for those being baptized and a special moment for those witnessing.

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Weekly News 26th June 2016/ EU Referendum


EU REFERENDUM Receiving the results of the vote on Friday morning, I was surprised by how keenly I felt the tremors of the UK’s decision. Judging by the reactions being spewed out on Social Media, I wasn’t the only one. As we wade into uncertain waters, here are some words from our Archbishops which may be helpful,

The vote…means that now we must all reimagine both what it means to be the UK in an interdependent world and what values and virtues shape and guide our relationships with others…we must now unite in a common task to build a generous and forward looking country, contributing to human flourishing around the world. We must remain hospitable and compassionate, builders of bridges and not barriers. Many of those living among us as neighbours, friends and work colleagues come from overseas and some will feel a deep sense of insecurity. We must respond by offering reassurance, by cherishing our wonderfully diverse society, and by affirming the unique contribution of each and every one.”

Or if you prefer something a bit simpler, one of the few facebook posts I appreciated was a friend’s change of cover photo to a shot of a piece of paper listing the fruit of the spirit – Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Gentleness, Generosity, Faithfulness and Self-Control. Against such things there is no law.

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Weekly News 19th June 2016/ How's The Prayer Going?


HOW’S THE PRAYER GOING? We’re two weeks in to the 21 day invitation to commit our church’s current position to God in daily prayer.

If you’re like me, you may well be flagging a little and need some encouragement. In Luke 18:1, we hear that ‘Jesus told his disciples a story showing that it was necessary for them to pray consistently and never quit’.

Take the time to read the parable Jesus shares. We are given a reminder that there is much power in persevering prayer.

It also helps to come together corporately to spur each other on in the cause, so there will be a prayer meeting tonight at 6:30pm at SJ’s to do just that. We’re also encouraging Homegroups to apportion some of their time together this week to pray around the matters outlined in the ‘Serving Opportunities’ handout.

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Weekly News 12th June 2016/ SJ's Official Opening


SJ’s OFFICIAL OPENING We’re marking the opening of SJ’s on Saturday 2 July, 1:30-4:30pm.

We’re publicizing the opening in the community in the next couple of weeks. The emphasis is on local businesses and neighbours having an opportunity to find out more about the place, and as many of the church family have already seen SJs, we’re encouraging you to come along with friends who haven’t yet had the opportunity to have a nose inside.

We’re after some volunteers on the day to help with setting up, clearing away as well assistance with service during the opening. If you can help out, please contact Anna Seabrook or Heather Showell.

We’ll aim for an official ‘cutting of the ribbon’ at around 2:00pm, if you want to be present for that moment.

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Weekly News 5th June 2016 - Praying in the Bible


PRAYING IN THE BIBLE In our 10 am service today there will be reference to several passages of scripture. They all relate to prayer.

Here they are, so that we may refer to them ourselves during the week, think about them quietly or even discuss them at Home Groups. The point is that throughout the Bible, and especially for us in the early church, there is constant evidence of people praying when they wanted things changed.

Acts 1: 12-14...when the disciples had been left alone after the ascension.

Acts 1: 23-24...when they were choosing a successor for Judas

Acts 4:29-31...when Peter and John had been told to stop preaching

Acts 6:6           ...when they appointed seven deacons

Acts 16: 25-26...when Paul and Silas were in prison

Acts 13: 2-3...before they commissioned Saul (Paul) and Barnabas for mission

And finally, compare Psalm 22:2 with Psalm 98:1

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Weekly News 29th May 2016/ Receive to Live Prophetically


RECEIVE TO LIVE PROPHETICALLY… As we continue with our Prophetic Living series it worth reminding ourselves of the simple but powerful reality that the gifts of the Holy Spirit come from a loving Father who delights in bestowing treasures on his children.

For those who tragically had a negative, even abusive experience of fatherhood, you may find comfort in the truth that Jesus never said God is like your Dad. Rather, he taught that God is like no other father that we’ve ever known.

He’s a good, good Father.

Resting in his fatherhood doesn’t always come naturally to us, but the Spirit wants to work in us, enabling us to cry ‘Abba’ and receive from God. In turn, we are pulled into the Father’s work, as we use His gifts to bless others and build up His family.

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Weekly News 22nd May 2016/ Summer Action


SUMMER ACTION Contrary to meteorological indications, Summer is fast approaching. Here are a few of the things in the pipeline for the early part of July which you might want to tap into the diary:

Saturday 2 July – Official SJ’s Opening

We had a trial period to iron out teething problems and finish off building details, but this is the actual launch of SJ’s to the public. We’ll be publicizing to the community in advance and the SJ’s team will need all hands on deck to ready the place to open.

Friday 8 July to Sunday 10 July – Spree

A camping weekend for 8-15 year olds at Ardingly. A weekend full of a host of activities, music, BBQs, some great Christian teaching, a lot of sugar and very little sleep. We’ll be taking a crowd as usual, speak to Julie Lancaster, Dawn Tickner or Penny Seabrook for further details.

Sunday 17 July – Wardy Summer BBQ

The usual open house invitation to anyone who wants to come for a relaxed drink and bite to eat after the 10am service. More details to follow later.

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Weekly News 15th May 2016/ Date for the Diary 5th June


DATE FOR THE DIARY  5th JUNE  Normally our first Sunday of the month would be a Family Service at our 10am gathering. We’re changing this for 5 June. We will meet for ‘Morning Worship’ and Sunday Club will be running.

Why the change?

There are some important things that we want to share with the church about our current position and encourage us all to commit them to prayer in a concentrated way.

Don’t worry there are no scandals, resignations, or shocks in store, but we would like as many people as possible to be there, so we can engage together in some of the challenges facing us moving forward. If you could put this one in the diary in bold that would be great.

Thank you, Jon.

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Weekly News 8th May 2016/ Thy Kingdom Come...


THY KINGDOM COME… The Archbishop’s of Canterbury and York have recently written to every parish in the country inviting them to put out a call to prayer in this week running up to Pentecost.

We are invited to focus our prayers towards:

  • All Christians deepening their relationship with Christ;
  • For all of us to have greater confidence to share the Gospel;
  • For our nation to respond to the call of Jesus Christ to follow Him as disciples, to live out the Gospel and seek God’s kingdom daily.

If you haven’t seen it, I encourage you to visit www.thykingdom.co.uk in which we are invited to join together in praying for the evangelization of the nation.

Let’s commit together to praying for these great things every day in the coming week.

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Weekly News 1st May 2016/ Ascension Day


ASCENSION DAY This week marks ‘Ascension Day’, or as many evangelicals know it ‘Thursday’. It doesn’t feature significantly in our tradition and this isn’t a rallying cry to have a special day to commemorate Christ’s ascent into heaven. However, you could do worse than spend some time this week dwelling on the significance of the ascension in our understanding of God. Here are just a few things you might want to ponder and give thanks for:

  • Jesus’ ascension establishes his Kingdom. The bible pictures Jesus as arriving in heaven and sitting down at the Father’s right hand – his rule has begun.
  • Christ’s ascension ensures we have an advocate with the Father, pleading our case– our own prayer partner in heaven.
  • Christ’s flesh in heaven is a guarantee that ours will be there too someday, not a disembodied soul, but real resurrected bodies in God’s presence;
  • Jesus’ departure heralds the arrival of the Helper – God’s Spirit. Happy Ascension Day one and all.


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Weekly News 24th April 2016/ Slavic Visit


SLAVIC VISIT Today we’ll hear testimony from Milly Johnson about the way God revealed Himself to her, as well as some of the work to which she has been drawn since becoming a Christian.

It won’t be any great surprise to discover that Link to Hope forms part of her story of God’s goodness. One of the people connected with that organization is Slavic, a pastor from Moldova. It doesn’t quite seem possible that it was over 2 years since Slavic’s last visit, but we’re pleased to confirm that he’s coming over for another trip and will be joining us in May.

Slavic is going to preach at our 10am service on the 8 May, so ring that Sunday in your diary. There will also be a more informal opportunity to soak up some of his passion on Monday 9 May @ 8pm at Holmshaw Farm, together with some tea and cake.

If you would like to come along, please let Milly know so she has an idea on numbers.

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Weekly News 17th April 2016/ APCM Update


APCM UPDATE For those of you receiving the News Sheet electronically, don’t forget we have our annual meeting after the 10:00am service this Sunday.

We’ll aim to start at about 11:30am.

We will be working on the assumption that people have read the reports in advance to streamline the meeting. You can find the reports themselves on our website under the ‘News & Events’ section. We experienced some delay in receiving the financial reports back from the Independent Examiner, but they will also be posted on the website (there will be some hard copies to hand at church) and our Treasurer, Christine Blackburn, will produce an easier-to-digest summary for us at the APCM.

If any questions crop up as you read through the reports, you can raise them at the meeting itself, or send them to Jon (jjhward@btinternet.com) in advance. If you get them to him by 8pm Saturday evening, he will ensure they are addressed at the meeting.

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Weekly News 10th April/ APCM - Next Week


APCM - NEXT WEEK We will be holding the church equivalent of our AGM next Sunday after the 10:00am service.

Everyone is welcome to attend, but you have to be on the electoral roll in order to vote on any matters, or stand for any of the roles we have publicized. There remains space for new PCC members and it’s not too late to throw your hat into the ring. Equally, Jonathan Tickner would love to hear from anyone who might contemplate helping out on the Welcome Team.

This year’s reports, last year’s minutes and the accounts will be going up on the website this Monday. We are encouraging people to access them electronically to save paper, but a few hard copies have been printed off for those who don’t have access to a computer.

We appreciate that not everyone feels comfortable standing up and posing a question in front of the whole church. Therefore, if you have a question you can raise it in advance by emailing it to Jon and he will ensure that it is read out and responded to at the meeting.

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Weekly News 3rd April 2016/ A Warm (and Wet) Welcome to Isabella


A WARM (AND WET) WELCOME TO ISABELLA Today we extend a really big welcome to Tom and Yulia, as they bring the new addition to their family, Isabella, to be baptized.

They are of course accompanied by friends and family who have come along to support them, not least of all Yulia’s parents who are all the way over from Siberia - Спасибо, что присоединились к нам. Это здорово, что вы можете быть частью этого праздника.

We hope you all feel at ease and enjoy celebrating with us, as we cheer Isabella on and observe you put down a marker with God in baptism. We trust it will be a memorable occasion and you will experience God’s blessing.

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Weekly News 27th March 2016/ Happy Easter


HAPPY EASTER Alleluia, Christ is risen.

 He is risen indeed, Alleluia.

That is the great Easter acclamation – a greeting testifying to the truth of Resurrection Sunday.

We may not personally experience the immediacy of all the confusion and excitement of that first Easter Sunday. But we, and our world, need the hope that was breaking that day no less than those first witnesses to Christ’s resurrection.

Raising Jesus to new life was not the end of God’s miraculous work. Every time a believer receives the touch of God’s Spirit and is filled with His hope, His resurrection love and power is at work.

I pray that whatever the complexion of your circumstances this Easter, you may experience and be renewed by the risen Christ. God Bless.

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Weekly News 20th March 2016/ Palm Sunday


PALM SUNDAY Today is Palm Sunday.

It has been our practice for a while now to distribute Palm Crosses this weekend. They are a simple prompt to take away and help you focus on the events central to the Christian faith in this final week of Lent.

We also take a collection for the Bishop’s Lent Call, which this year has had the theme of ‘Caring for the Whole Person’. The diocese is looking to provide financial support to a selection of projects from the Holy Land, Zimbabwe and Southwark. They are wide-ranging projects covering education, healthcare, church building, specific hospitals, vocational training and refugee centres.

If you would like more specific details, then there are materials on the table by the Missions noticeboards in church. We hope you feel able to give generously and thank you for your support of these ventures.

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Weekly News 13th March 2016/ Photo Shoot Weekend


PHOTO SHOOT WEEKEND You may have picked up that we are redesigning our website, as well as refreshing in the church building itself some of the ways we publicise who we are and what we do.

To that end, Jonny has been given license to wield his camera with wild abandon this coming Sunday in a bid to catch some shots of our church family. We would like a stock of pictures that we can draw on to convey the life of our church and make our website as personal to us as possible.

There will be a ‘photo booth’ after the service, which we’re encouraging as many people as possible to visit. It won’t be like having your passport photo taken – smiling is permitted, and there’ll be some props to introduce some fun. However, if you find yourself already lining up your excuses, don’t worry, we’re not going to strong arm you into it – you can still come along on Sunday and not end up on the Home Page of the website.

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Weekly News 6th March 2016/ APCM Preparations


APCM PREPARATIONS An important part of our annual meeting is the election of people to different formal posts in our church. These include:


  • PCC Members 


    1. In a bid to keep refreshing our leadership, each year a third of the PCC members resign. Those who have resigned can stand for a second term. It means that there will be at least 4 positions available for the PCC. If you are interested in standing, and want to know more about what is involved, please enquire with Jon. There is also a Deanery Synod representative position available, which automatically entitles you to sit on the PCC.
  • Wardens


  1. Our existing wardens, Jonathan Tickner and Richard Cienciala, have agreed to stand for another year. However, we would like to think about succession now. Ideally, if there is someone who might contemplate taking over from Jonathan or Richard in 2017, we would like them to voice that as soon as possible, so we can acquaint them with some of what is involved in the latter part of this year. If you might be interested, please contact Jonathan or Richard.

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